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Strand Secrets: How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker with Expert Tips and Products

  • 2 min read
We are proud our Soho STUDIO is rated one of the best hair salons in the USA. This week, with everybody eager to look their best for the seasonal festivities, we have certainly been earning our keep. One recurring theme is the STUDIO has been full, thick hair.

It began with a phone call from an old client––we’ll call her Betty––who had recently returned to New York with hair eight inches longer. Eager to be the best coiffed at her Holiday table, she blurted, “My hair feels thin and weak, light and fragile. I need a volume haircut for thin hair to look thicker.”

We booked her in. During her consultation, Betty told us that she loved the length of her hair, yet her structured blow-out would never last. No matter how much product she used, her hair would fall limp and flat before the end of lunch.

We explained that while she may have been smitten with her long flowing locks, such a lengthy style with strong lines dependent on structure will never hold their shape when the natural hair texture is fine or thin. For her, it would be better to get a cut with a fluid shape and soft lines. We gave her a mid-length razor cut with lots of layers and a softer shape, which naturally gave her hair more lift, volume, and shapeliness.

After the cut, we recommended hair thickening products to plump up the hair strands even more, like our Volume Foam, Protective Thickening Lotion, and Refinish Dry Shampoo.

We showed her how to prep with Protective Thickening Lotion, and work Volume Foam from roots to ends to create the most root lift. (Never just whack product on the top of your head and rub it in!) A final spray of Dry Shampoo instantly amped the texture some more. Betty sashayed out of the salon with bombshell body.

While everything starts with the right kind of cut, to achieve your best hair it is important to choose the best beauty products based on the needs of your hair type and style.

Another client, Sarah, with a nice pixie cut and similarly fine hair to Betty illustrates this point. Sarah insisted that the expensive hair oil she had found randomly on a salon website was most definitely not making her hair look slithery.

After letting her talk it out, we expressed that people with fine hair should seek starchy products that give the hair textural expansion, grip, and hold. Oil-based products weigh down fine hair types and make thinner textures look wispy and greasy.

Sarah was unconvinced, so we gave her a demonstration. Using Texture Paste to encourage fuller, thicker strands and finishing with American Wave Glint Texture & Shine Spray to give her the glossy look she always craved, we showed her how much more volume and texture she could have.

She could even make her style shiny, so long as she picked the appropriate finisher. As she left the STUDIO with a bagful of new products, we saw Sarah do the great hair strut.

Strand Secret: Get the right cut AND the right products for your hair type and style and every day can be a great hair day.